Serchhip District is one of the eight district of Mizoram State in NorthEastern part of India.

The Geographical location of Serchhip District is in between longitudes 92° 51′ 00″ East & latitudes 23°18′ 36″ North

River is covered by mist in the morning

Serchhip is the headquater town of Serchhip District, one of the eight districts of Mizoram, India. The town is located in the heart of Mizoram, surrounded by lush green forest hills. This beautiful town is only 104 kms from the state capital Aizawl.

The elevation of the take-off point is 980 meters, with a spectacular view. The landing point is a vast expanse of paddy fields. The site is one of the best and safest paragliding sites in the Northeast and perhaps the whole of India.

Depending on the skill of the pilot, the topography of this site allows a flight of over 6 hours. This is indeed a rare and exciting opportunity.

The prime geographical character that form the topographical features of Serchhip District. The topography in general is  undulant with broken mountain/hilly ranges and between them lies the valley lands suitable for cultivation of field crops. The hills are situated for Horticultural practice where ever the slopes are gentle/moderate. The soil in the hills are rich in humus due to forest cover.

The District is bounded on the  North & Northwest by Aizawl District on the West & South by the Lunglei District and on the Southeast by Myanmar & on the East by Champhai District. The Geographical Area of the District is 1421.60Sq. Km

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